Trauma Healing Tribe

Accessing And Remembering Generational Resources

May 05, 2023 Matthew Green Season 2 Episode 2
Trauma Healing Tribe
Accessing And Remembering Generational Resources
Show Notes

Lisa and Matthew pick up their conversation to talk about healing through the remembering of generational resources.

  • The re-membering of the ancestral resources as a way in which trauma clearing can occur, when clarity of intention and language is used
  • As part of best practice, the need for the therapist to clear at least the majority of their generational wounds, to maintain discernment, accountability and impeccability.
  • The life enriching benefits of ancestral reconnection and relationship, including experience of unity consciousness and highest expressions of love.
  • The need for the therapist to have ongoing contact with their own ancestors in order to provide effective generational work - as a vital part of the healing team 
  • The scale of the global issues we face today as a symptom of generational trauma within the very structures of our society
  • CRM's aims to bring safe, accessible, effective generational healing to large groups - scaling up the work to match the scale of our world's challenges.

Matthew Green is a journalist and author of Aftershock: Fighting war, survivng trauma and finding peace, which documents the struggles of military veterans seeking new ways to heal from psychological injuries. He is a co-host of the forthcoming Collective Trauma Summit 2023 and writes Resonant World, a newsletter supporting the global movement to heal individual, ancestral and collective trauma.
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