Trauma Healing Tribe

Resourcing: An Integral Part Of Therapy

May 19, 2023 Ron Schwenkler Season 2 Episode 3
Trauma Healing Tribe
Resourcing: An Integral Part Of Therapy
Show Notes

Ron Schwenkler talks us through what resourcing is  and what happens when it’s an integral part of therapy.

He explains:

  • How intolerable affect sets up coping and defence mechanisms 
  • How CRM resourcing activates the dormant neurobiology of secure attachment and safety in order to be able to approach and process affect. 
  • Resourcing as a way of not just regulating, but optimising the system. 
  • Resourcing as a skill to facilitate approach towards process, rather than add-on technique to merely contain the client's affect.
  • By interweaving resource threads throughout the client's trauma material, the client can grow in confidence and agency to move towards, face and process what has been previously avoided.
  • Using the full resource model of CRM to challenge secondary gains and to inspire the client to see change as a way to facilitate their long-held dreams

Dr. Ron Schwenkler, has been in the mental health community for 27 years. He is currently located in Denver, Colorado, where he is clinical Director of an outpatient psychiatric clinic that utilizes resourcing as a corner stone of the clinics philosophy.