Trauma Healing Tribe

Working With The Soul's Journey | Lisa Schwarz

May 20, 2022 Lisa Schwarz Season 1 Episode 1
Trauma Healing Tribe
Working With The Soul's Journey | Lisa Schwarz
Show Notes

Lisa Schwarz, Creator and Developer of CRM® joins us for this first episode of The Trauma Healing Tribe! 

Lisa gives an overview of The Comprehensive Resource Model - that developed from a trauma treatment with a spiritual element to the aim of bringing every aspect of a human being into wholeness:

  • The re-membering of every aspect of our existence, from our physical human structure (including in utero)  to where we've come from, and what we carry from the generational and past life lineages.
  • The overall target of CRM® is to address the split from connection to core essence or Source - to bring wholeness and integration to our life and purpose, to love self 100% without judgment.
  • What is contributing to the fragmentation from our essence across timelines, dimensions, lineages and species?
  • Where in the experience of our existence can we find the disconnections from our bodies, tribe, land, intuition, our light, our lineages and Source?
  • Choice points that perpetuate states of victim, persecutor and failed rescuer.
  • Brain and body-based safety provided by CRM® resources to help us remember, feel fully and orient towards the broader fractal experiences of our individual and collective history.
  • Additional resources in CRM®;  sound, external music, toning the sound of both trauma and connection, sacred geometry and ancestral resources.
  • The centrifugal process of separating out each part, its history and intent, before the integration can happen. 
  • The challenges of this work, for client and therapist.
  • The role of victim consciousness and the empowerment around doing work on ourselves as perpetrators in this life and our lineages.
  • The knowledge that if we do this clearing work, we can become whole and bring healing into the collective.