Trauma Healing Tribe

Common Obstacles To Healing | Elisa and Lisa

June 17, 2022 Season 1 Episode 3
Trauma Healing Tribe
Common Obstacles To Healing | Elisa and Lisa
Show Notes

Lisa and Elisa talk us through: 

  • The fact that the majority of time in therapy is spent working with obstacles and blocks to healing, which if not addressed, can affect the therapist's judgment of self-efficacy and of the client. 
  • The role of fear as it underlies all obstacles.
  • Fear of becoming an adult, and the associated choice and free will around true healing. 
  • How to spot fear of being an adult, and the role of child parts of self in this fear
  • The fear of loss of power
  • How post-traumatic symptoms and harmful choices result from powerlessness, and the desire to feel we have impact and agency. 
  • How to spot and negotiate with the client's post-traumatic seat of power, the role of validation and respect for these choices, as well as creating clarity for future choices from a free will perspective.
  • How attachment and the post-traumatic use of power may be wired together, creating secondary gains and blocks to healing
  • How beliefs around being undeserving of healing, or being 'unforgivable' play out in unconscious obstacles to healing, and how to work with the roots and origins of these beliefs
  • Blocks to remembering the truths of life, and therefore remembering the pain, both emotional and physical - how remembering the truth will impact on our relationships and free will, and how this may be defended against. 
  • The possibility of positive neurochemistry firing and wiring with the attachment to pain and to the story of what happened. The use of CRM resources to give an alternative source of attachment and therefore the possibility of healing. 
  • The importance of the client's choice to heal and CRM's stance of the therapist working alongside the client to elucidate their adult self choices.