Trauma Healing Tribe

What Is Core Self? | Lisa Schwarz

July 29, 2022 Season 1 Episode 6
Trauma Healing Tribe
What Is Core Self? | Lisa Schwarz
Show Notes

For this last episode of the Series 1, Lisa joins us once again to discuss Core Self:

  • Core Self as the energetic, vibratory, non-dissociated essence of us, the everlasting 'us' that is non-doing, non-active, the state of the divine being in us. 
  • The goal is to unify Core Self as true awareness that exists whether we are incarnate are not, with an embodied state in the human experience. 
  • How and why Lisa discovered Core Self.
  • What's it like to experience Core Self?
  • The Core Self Training - how to work with and clear the belief systems and splits that block the re-membering of Core Self; e.g. beliefs around not being deserving or being unforgivable, as well as generational material and dissociated parts. The teaching also shows participants how and when they might use Core Self awareness.
  • The main uses of Core Self in the therapeutic process and daily life.
  • Core Self as an opportunity to live in integrity, and a way to turn towards self, other and Source.